A Little Girl With No Hope!                                                   They need your help!



They Lost Their Parents!                                                Haiti kids waited for food!



Kids waited to be fed!                       Pastor Ruben is feeding the kids!


Looking through the garbage                                                 Pastor Ruben is looking

For food to eat...Let's Help!                                                    For the next kid to be fed!     


...Love is something that you do!                                                      It's a team work!


Foret-des-Pins, Haiti                                  Foret-des-Pins, Haiti

2014 Mobile Clinic. Thank You Lord!                               They are waiting to be checked in!   


She's happy to have her baby check up!                     Thank you to CKO team from FL


We must take care the elderly...                                     Little girl just received medical care & some food...


Little boy just received medical care                                                   Tank you to CKO  for their help

and some food to take home...                                                             We couldn't do it without them...


Our deacon from Fonds-Verrettes church                                 Pastor Michael from CKO in Florida,

brought his daughter for medical care...                                    with Pastor Ruben outside the Guest House...


Take a look at the Line...                                                              A lot of people need medical care...



Haiti is a country of beautiful montain                                                 They Came in from church...


Having church in Fonds-verrettes, Haiti                                      Pastor Ruben is leading the worship...


We must praise the Almighty God!                                            Kids choir...They were awesome!!!



Pastor Michael is sharing the Word...                                         Haiti 2014 - Food Distribution...


Food Distribution After Church...                                                  We are feeding the whole church...


Let's feed the hungry...Help needed!!!                                      Fonds-Verrettes, Haiti. The Church...



She is explaining her baby sickness!                            The Doctor is checking her baby!


Her baby needs medical care!                                                                Thanks to CKO -


Some of our Haitian Team!                                                            Our Honduras Doctor & Interpreter


Doctor is taking the blood pressure!                           They are waiting for their check up!


Worship service before Mobile Clinic!                         2014 Mobile Clinic Worship!


Honduras Doctor!                                                                         2014 Medical Mobile Clinic!


Pastors in the Prayer Room!                                                         Urgent Medical Attention!


Pharmacy Waiting Area!                                                                Pharmacy Room 2014!


Pharmacy Area - Mission 2014!                                    Food Supply Room - Mission 2014


They bring their babies for check up!                              Precious baby!


Pharmacy Area - Mission 2014!                                    They can't wait to get in!


The line in the outside!                                                              They came early in the morning!


Our Medical & Food Supplies Truck!                           Transportation at the Guest House!


Our Wonderful Chef... Delicious!                                       Some Sheila Rice!


The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor. (Proverbes 22 v. 9)

Mission Trip June 2015 / Fonds-Verrettes, Haiti @ Church of God in Christ...

Food distribution July 2015 @ Church of God in Christ!          Each church member and visitors have a food kit / July 2015













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A 7.0 magnitude quake has devastated Haiti! Hundreds of thousands are still living in tents! Hundreds of thousands Left with no home!
Street Children: In this small nation ravaged by poverty, children and teens make up 45% of the total population and are often the first ones to suffer.
Orphan in Haiti: in a nation of 8.5 million, orphanages often are the last refuge of hope.
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